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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 6, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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intensifies as airports step up their screenings to stop the spread of the deadly disease. good morning, kelly. >> good morning ainsley and heather. >> new cases of the disease are showing up in nigeria. >> it is out of control and in many respects it is catastrophic. >> they are working hard to stop the spread of the disease. they are becoming the first line of defense at the airports. the centers of disease control are looking out for any one with symptoms of ebola. people showing signs can be held in isolation indefinitely. they are trying to reassure worried public. president obama expressing it to african leaders who are gathering for the summit. >> let me welcome you from sere air leone and guinea who we are
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working hard to stop the outbreak of the ebola virus. >> the second missionary who contracted ebola is back in the u.s. nancy writebol is doing better. they are grateful to have her back home. >> we said we were thinking about possible funeral arrangements. yet we kept our faith. now we have a real reason to be hopeful. >> fears are spreading here at home that after reports of several people being tested for ebola in ohio and new york, the cdc received dozens of calls at hospitals about patients. all have tested negative.
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the world health organization is discussing a response plan to ebola. heather? >> kelly wright joins us live. thank you, kelly. >> voter turnouts for primaries in four states. it was a night for incumbents in kansas. >> three term republican senator pat roberts holding off tea party challenger milton wolf. in the cap sass race for governor sam brown back beating business owner jennifer win. he will face paul davis in the fall. in michigan republican congressman becoming the third incumbent to fall this election cycle losing his primary to foreclosure torn -- attorney david trott. >> bergdahl is ready to answer
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questions and will be as cooperative as possible. a new picture showing a healthy bergdahl preparing for his sit down with an army general probing the circumstances of his 2009 disappearance in afghanistan. fellow soldiers accuse him of deserting his post. he was traded for five taliban pridz another -- prisoners. let's talk about what questions you want him to answer today. log on to "fox & friends" facebook page at #keep talking. the crossroads of the world. watch a terrifying moment the a traffic light comes crashing down on a busy sidewalk after two double decker buses survive. you can see the tourists running for their lives. 15 people were hurt mostly pedestrians. >> it was chaos. there was chaos. there were a lot of people
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helping each other out. both buses were going too fast, way too fast. neither driver has been charged. we will have a live report from the scene coming up in the next half hour. >> a sad update to a story we have been following closely. the oregon mother who mysteriously vanished while running errands nearly two weeks ago is found dead. they found jennifer hudson's body near her suv in a remote wooded area 25 miles from her home. >> i said what color is it? first thing he said green. i said dark green? i knew right then. >> the 38-year-old disappeared while running errands on july 24th. she took out cash from the bank bought snacks and sleeping pills and picked up her car's gas tank. she leaves hined her husband and two sons ages 6 and 2. >> the country mourning the loss
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of major general harold green a 34 year army veteran killed in an insider attack in afghanistan. what this means as the white house tries to wrap up the war there. peter? >> heather, in almost 13 years of war major general harold green is the highest ranking american soldier to die in battle. green's family is mourning in falls church, virginia today as america's enemies are claiming victory according to experts. >> taliban or supporters are showing they think they have the upper hand. our influence is declining and they are determined to do this so they rally people to their side. >> the number of green on blue attacks where afghan army troops fire on americans and our allies has fluctuated in recent years. 44 in 2012, 13 last year and 3 so far this year. at the white house the obama
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administration is making efforts to wind down the help in afghanistan says it's a setback. >> it is progress made, part one progress made by our men and women in uniform who have been serving the war and there is no doubt what previously was a base of operation for al qaeda no longer exists. >> at the u.s. africa business forum in washington president obama made remarks that touched on the growing ebola crisis but never mentioned the attack that killed haromajor harold green. >> columnist krauthammer is talking about president obama's desire to get out of afghanistan and get out now no matter what the cost. >> obama came into office there was a logical way for us to get
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out or say what we are saying today it's not a perfect place. the bush administration kept it on low boil after the initial success. what we don't remember is the fact that all four of the four casualties -- every four casualties that happened in afghanistan three american dead have occurred under obama. ment obama instituted a surge of trps tried to imitate what happened in iraq and i think clearly it has had limited success. now what oebama is doing is inevitable. >> could the marine being held in a mexican president be released the ends of this month. his attorney is filing a mistrial. evidence was taken illegally when border agents found the guns in his truck. >> was the search warrant valade? is there was significant can the feedback from the search warrant
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significant violation could cause suppression of evidence which in this case could be the weapons ceased. >> his attorney will file a motion early next week. >> drivers beware. two major lawmakers are being targeted by hackers. lauren simonetti joins us with what you need to know. >> remember cyber attacks can happen to your car as well. we don't always think of it like that. chrysler and nissan are reviewing reports by a cyber security team that rates them among the most three hackable cars. they are deemed the most hackable with features like wi-fi and blue tooth that potentially can cause damage not only to the car but also to the
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driver. when you are food shopping the gluten free item you are about to buy is actually gluten free. new label rules meaning they cannot label products gluten free if they are cross contaminated with other ingredients like rye or barley. the iphone 6 the newest gadget tuesday november 9th the bigger 4.7 inch screen possibly a 5 and a half inch screen model as well. it probably means an october launch date this amid reports that a deadly explosion at a chinese factory can cause a halt in production of the iphone 6s and delay release. dow down about 20 points after another major sell off yesterday. investors seem to be in the selling mode this august. back to you. >> thank you, lauren. >> time to check out your first degree weather update. we are talking about the
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possibility of stormy weather in the plains states. maria molina is live outside with the latest. >> we are expecting storms to roll through portions of the plains today. that is especially true as we head through the afternoon and evening hours. take a look at the radar picture eastern parts of nebraska, parts of southern south dakota and iowa looking at areas of heavy rain. that will continue today and tomorrow. the storm system moves south and east. parts of missouri will see heavy rain. as much as 6 inches of rain will be possible. flash flooding will be a concern in kansas city and omaha and nebraska. we have pleasant air moving into the northeast.
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isolated showers and storms. beautiful weather sunshine and temperatures in the 80's. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up he says he thought it was an intruder on his porch. >> listen to my question. did any one ever pop into your house the night you shot her? >> no. >> fireworks in the murder trial of a man accused of murdering an unarmed woman who knocked on his door in the middle of his night. >> the beach where sharks keep biting swimmers
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angieby making it easy to buyng and schedule service by top-rated providers, conveniently stay up-to-date on progress, and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with the angie's list mobile app. visit today. >> a fox news alert terrifying moments after a fire starts with
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200 passengers on board the plane. they make an emergency landing in canada. firefighters rush on to the plane to put out the flames. crews were able to put out most of them before it landed. it was heading to brussel in newark, new jersey. a scare in the air in new england. one man sees a fighter jet escorting his planekl to the nearest airport. it started when a pilot was handed a note by someone who had a bomb. turns out it was a hoax. the person was escorted off the flight. they are examining the 47-year-old for mental health. closing arguments in the porch shooting trial before it goes to a jury. he tried to convince the detroit jury he shot an unarmed teenager in self defense when she showed
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up drunk on his front porch last year. >> i wasn't going to could youer in my house i didn't want to be a victim. i opened my door as much as i could and as soon as i did that this person came out from the side of my house so fast i raised the gun and shot this poor girl. >> prosecutors say he should have called 911 instead of using deadly force. >> the man behind the alex rodriguez scandal. bosch charged with distributing illegal drugs to professional and high school athletes. tony bosch expected to plead guilty. charges coming one year after major league baseball suspended including 13 players and rodriguez for using performance enhancing drugs. new concerns now the irs
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teaming up with atheists to go up wiafter churches. hear from the attorney general raising a red flag. >> a new movie giving everyone a chance to see what it is like inside of a tornado. maria molina making a special appearance on the red carpet.
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>> welcome back. a serious scare to tell you about for beach goers in florida. two people were attacked by sharks in the past three-days in brevard county. the latest victim a 45-year-old
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woman waist deep in the water when a shark bit her foot. >> we heard a scream. didn't hear much of it because it wasn't a horrific scream. >> paramedics got her on a golf cart anded drove her off. >> the women is expected to be okay. >> dramatic moments as a 3,000 square foot home crumbles in a major landed -- land slide. >> the family getting out before 500 feet of rocks shoved the home off the foundation. a massive 400 feet by 400 feet hole now left in the hillside above an up scale neighborhood. residents anded four homes remain evacuated. residents fear the earth could still move. >> it is time to step into the fox light for a new movie that
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almost seems like it was ripped from the headlines. a town ravaged by tornadoes and the residents pull to tgether t make it out alive. >> please go inside in an orderly fashion. (horn bl (si (sirens sounded) >> it is called "into the storm." michael tammero was the first in line. >> i was. this follows all people from all walks of life from teachers to storm chasers as they try to survive an onslaught of twisters threatening to destroy their home town. if you think the special effects are cool most of them are real. the actors had to be tough enough to play the part.
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>> it is like staring at fire. human instinct is captivated by fire. >> i play a schoolteacher. one of his boys is in the storm and he has to go on a journey to find him. >> the twisters themselves were actually occurring. it is a miracle one of us prn the hurt. >> we had hail thrown at us. sitting on top of a roof with the other guys. >> you are blocking things out you don't want to get hit. it was an experience. >> it was a lot of real wined, real rain, real debris flying at us. we were wet 90 percent of the movie. >> some of these scenes are so intense. it doesn't seem like they are intense they are intense. we had 140 mile an hour wind machines. we had debris. every little snippet, we felt like we were really in a
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tornado. every time we got dry we had to go back in there. >> we were in the elements with the water coming down with the wind. >> i started reading scripts differently. i see how many pages are wet and cold for. keep it up, kid. >> you hear about the weather and tornadoes. >> i don't want to be in one. >> we are the comic relief for the film. we play one of the tornado chasers. >> you are in the middle of a tornado you need comic relief. >> you need beer, go pro, whiskey anded you need to be dumb as hell. >> bruce harry who is alive? >> i don't even know. i tell you what i am wearing. i am wearing this is a hugo moss. >> i am wearing honey boo-boo. >> maria molina first time on
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the red carpet, it suits you. >> i thought it was going to be red. >> show us what you are wearing. >> i didn't know how to tie a tie. maria helped me with that. we were storm chasing a week ago, too. >> the special effects look amazing. they watched them on-line. tornadoes is captured really well. opportunity to go storm chasing and not to have drive 1,000 miles. >> if you are going to hit the red carpet maria molina was the best storm chaser. >> they storm chase together. how was it? >> the movie was incredible. i suggest you see it. it has all of the elements of a good movie. it was very exciting. as a meteorologist they tried to keep it as realistic as possible. they had some of the technical
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terms used hook echos and very complicated weather terms. i was impressed. the special effects they tried to keep it as genuine as possible as well in terms of being on the field and seeing some of the storms. >> the last movie "twister" was in 1996. edge of your seat kind of movie, wasn't it? >> you looked gorgeous, maria. >> these actors learnearned eve penny. >> opens this friday? >> august 9th. as always you can catchall of my interviews in the fox and check the buzz. >> it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. the fbi joining the huvent for a a -- hunt for a 6-year-old girl. what we are learning about her disappearance. >> thousand hours of work paid
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>> it is wednesday august 6th. bowe bergdahl about to be grilled for the first time. will we get any answers? is what we can expect from today's questioning. >> more than 1 billion user names and pass words now in the hands of criminals. is yours one of them? what you need to know about the biggest hacking heist ever. >> call katie perry the baby whisperer. (baby whining) >> the famous singer is even responding to the cute little baby's video. it is going to make your
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morning. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> we had to do it. we had to hear some katie perry after that video. it is wednesday august 6th. welcome to "fox & friends first" if you are just joining us the second half of the show i am ainsley earhardt. >> half past the hour. i am heather childers. moments ago police arresting one of the drivers of the two double decker buses that crashed in times square. 15 people were hurt when one of the buses jumped the busy sidewalk and sent a traffic light toppling on to a crowd. a 50-year-old has been charged with dwi.
2:32 am
we will have a live report coming up at 5:50. >> sergeant bowe bergdahl hours away from facing army investigators this amid swirling accusations that he abandoned his post hours after the capture by the taliban in 2009. doug, what is bergdahl's lawyer saying now? >> bergdahl's attorney says sending him to jail for this will be unseasonable. we will see. -- unreasonable. he will have to answer questions about the circumstances of his capture in afghanistan and his time in captivity. he was taken prisoner back in 1220 -- 2009. they exchanged him for five members of the taliban being held in guantanamo bay. his fellow soldiers branded him
2:33 am
a deserter. they will look closely at his departure from his post and why he apparently just walked away. kenneth dahl in houston down in afghanistan. >> he deaf litany looks healthy. time to look who's talking. doesn't think we are going to hear much from bergdahl. >> i don't see any incentive for him to cooperate, participate. i expect him to be like lois lerner take the 5th. he is the worst witness against himself. if he doesn't say anything he remains on active duty good standingable to get a pension. >> if he is not convicted. >> if he is not convicted. >> what questions bdo you want bergdahl to answer. you can weigh in on the topic at
2:34 am
#keep talking. >> another fox news alert the deadly ebola virus is spreading as cases are report ted in nigeria. the airlines are stepping up screening. a flight was held after a passenger fell ill. cdc officials quickly ruling out ebola. here in the united states the second american infected with the deadly virus is under going an experimental treatment. her family releasing a statement. >> a week ago he said we were thinking about possible funeral arrangements. yetted we kept our faith. now we have a8rzox real reason hopeful. >> she and the first patient
2:35 am
kent brand lt lee are said to b improving. >> they sparked a mass house fire. firefighters found one person dead after the fire started in the garage. the cause still unknown at this hour. >> a search for a missing 6-year-old little girl in washington state intensifying by the hour. the fbi and dozens of police officers going door to door in hopes of finding january fwhees ri -- janese rice. her family reported her missing a day later when she didn't show up for dinner the next day. they have taken lie detector tests but they are not considered suspects. u.s. army major general
2:36 am
harold green the highest ranking officer killed in combat since the vietnam war. his death from another attack in afghanistan. let's bring in colonel and senior fellow tony schafer. >> i want to begin with this. it is a sad day for armed forces and america. the white house is still claiming there is progress being made in afghanistan. this is from our own ed henry. white house press secretary. >> an american general was killed to death how is that progress? >> progress was made part one progress made by our men and women in uniform who have been serving in afghanistan for more than 2äfyears. there -- 12 years. there is no doubt the base of operations for al qaeda no longer exists. >> so kernel safer, not only do
2:37 am
you have information for us, new information for us we are not making progress we may be going backwards. >> absolutely. first off condolences to general green's family and his close friends for his death. let me be clear on this we have made progress anywhere we stand physically we have physical forces which secured there. first off let me be clear on this, no doubt al qaeda is moving back in hined -- behind us. they are cooperating with the taliban. we have to have grave concern about what our investment is and what we plan to do now as we start going back. i am not saying we should maintain the 100,000 troops we have had in the past. we need to deal with the fact there is a credible fact moving back into afghanistan. at the same time you see these events happening. the taliban infiltrated the afghan army. this is an example of that.
2:38 am
we will find out this individual was inspired the release of the five taliban commanders released. this is not a good way to end military action in afghanistan. you have military information that the taliban is increasing numbers there. has the white house been informed of this? >> the white house has been de briefed about the current number of enemy forces moves into afghanistan. this is where there's a disconnect. we have to understand when we pull out others will come in. they have a shadow government all across afghanistan. as we start pulling out of our forces -- by the way general green was trying to do his best to help the afghan military forces to be sustainable after our departure. he is a true hero but at the same time we have to accept the reality as we pull out we have to understanded we must maintain some level of force to get al
2:39 am
qaeda and the taliban as they move back in. >> we have limited time you mentioned the five taliban prisoners and the prisoner swap. what do we need to do about that? should we reverse course or bring them back? >> if i were the president and this is proved to be a taliban attack, i would definitely rethink the release of those five taliban. even if at a minimum this guy was aspireed by the release of those five, and i believe the taliban was probably hined this attack we need to rethink the release of those individuals and put them back in guantanamo. >> appreciate it this morning. voters turnout for primaries in four states. it was a night for the incumbents in kansas. three term republican senator pat roberts holding off tea party backed challenger martin
2:40 am
wolf. sam brown back beats senator win. he will face paul davis in the fall. republican congressman pk becoming the third incumbent to fall this election cycle losing his primary to david trott. >> they hired becky hammond, the first paid female coach in the nba. she played in the wnba but is set to retire at the end of the season. stormy weather to tell you about in the plains. >> maria molina is standing by with the latest on that. >> good morning heather and ainsley. we had areas of rain through
2:41 am
parts of dakota and nebraska. you can see how heavy it is coming down the shading of yellow and orange represents where the areas of rain are coming down at the moment. we are forecasting 6 inches of rain across north dakota and northern portions of missouri. flash flooding will be a concern. that will continue today and tomorrow. other areas will have quieter weather. one of the areas is chicago. if you are flying out of o'hare that is good news. in miami you could have a spotty shower or storm but overall it will be a relatively quiet day in terms of travel. temperature wise hot across parts of the south and pleasant across portions of the great lakes. let's head back in siside. >> it is 41 minutes after the top of the hour. done in aed trump -- donald trump is not shy about using his name. why does he want to have his
2:42 am
name taken off some of the buildings.
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>> one of the lagest security breeches done by a crime ring. they stole 1.2 billion user names and pass words as well as 500 million e-mail addresses. no specific web sites were named. victims include the auto industry, real estate, car rental businesses and hotels. new concerns now about the irs going after churches. oak oakklahoma's attorney gener talking a settlement between the atheist group and the irs. the freedom from religion claimed many nonprofit religious groups were referring casing to the irs.
2:46 am
so far 99 churches have been flagged. >> this settlement is a great concern. under the law it goes to the content of what they are going to say on the pulpit we have to know about it. it has now reached content a pastor engages in scriptural preaching arounded the sanctity of life or marriage. they believe that is considereded politicking under the irs code. >> he has not yet gotten a response from eric holder's office. >> done in aed tru-- donald tru wants his name off the trump plaza and trump taj mahal because their owner has let them fall into disrepair. he has a 10 percent stake in the country which allows them to use his name for licensing purposes. >> if you snooze you lose.
2:47 am
apparently not for some workers. what they have all been doing on your dime. >> it all began when the office of the inspector general received a complaint the paralegals were being paid for not working at least since 2010. turns out that tip was true. here are some of the shocking facts. in 2011 local paralegal specialists registered 27,000 hours under what they called other time in 2012, 26 hours were logged under the same setting. what is other time? it includes watching television, exercising at home, cleaning the dishes and using social media such as facebook while waiting for their next assignment. some specialists were logging 50 to 70 hours of this other time for two-week period. they told investigators a category of the time i don't have to work but i am going to get paid code.
2:48 am
the cost to you the tax payer somewhere around $5 million between 2009 and 2013. that includes profits and bonuses. in 2011 the patent reported a case backlog of 24,000 incomplete patent and trademarks. it makes theyour blood boil the were doing nothing for lad we are working hard this morning ashley so they don't have to. >> that's exactly right. >> fox news alert, moments ago police arresting a tour bus driver in this crash. a live report from times square is next. >> first let's check with steve do dos see to see what's coming up on his show. >> it was a primary day. we have the results coming in. bowe bergdahl to be formally questioned later today.
2:49 am
find out what his attorney is already saying. you are not going to be happy about it. sean hannity joins us from israel. is the cease fire holding? we will fined out from sean straight ahead. "fox & friends" kicks off 12 minutes from now. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards, even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can.
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a fox news alert. just moments ago new york police arresting the driver of the double-decker tour bus that crashed. our reporter is live in times square with the breaking details. >> good morning everyone. we've learned from the new york city police department this morning that that driver was arrested for driving while ability impaired. police say he had drugs in his system. not narcotics but perhaps some prescription or over-the-counter medication. when you're here in times
2:53 am
square this morning there is little remnants of what happened yesterday afternoon. times square is back to normal. the light pole that came crashing down on people is back up and the scene has been cleared but what a scene it was yesterday afternoon. look at this earth cam video which caught the light pole coming down. two double-decker tour buses crashed into the corner of 47th and 7th avenue and with it taking down that light pole. police continue to investigate this but 14 people have been injured, three of them seriously. we're told that one person actually was a tour bus operator on one of the buses who got her head stuck underneath the dash board. we're expecting to learn more about the driver and what happened here yesterday later on today. that is the latest. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, theresa. time for your five at 5. america's friendliest and unfriendliest cities. first the friendliest. according to a new traveler
2:54 am
survey, number five, new orleans. san antonio, savannah, georgia. taking the top spot, charleston, south carolina. embodying southern hospitality at every turn. to america's unfriendliest cities. new haven, connecticut. atlantic city, new jersey. hartford, connecticut. and the unfriendliest city for the second year in a row, newark, new jersey. many say it is crowded and overpriced. >> call katy perry the baby whisperer. the singer responding to the video that will make your morning. we promise. ♪ ♪
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vo: this is the summer. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed. find it for less and we'll match it and give you $50 toward your next trip. expedia. find yours.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. sergeant bowe bergdahl being questions by investigators about his capture by the taliban five years ago. what questions do you want him to answer? head to our facebook page for a live chat. #keeptalking. closing arguments in the port shooting twiel before the case -- trial before the case goes to the jury. airports becoming the
2:59 am
first line of defense against the deadly ebola virus. british airways canceling flights to and from west africa, this as the two americans infected are said to be improving. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. need to quiet your crying baby? use the power of the perry. [baby crying] ♪ ♪ >> she goes from tears to sheer joy. listening to "dark horse" katy perry tweeting out available for baby sitting for $10 an hour and four oreos. >> surveillance video capturing a burglar enside a three story, three thousand square foot closet tossing items to the floor while clearing out the shelves. the ugly, a monkey
3:00 am
surrenders to wildlife officers after attacking a california woman outside a pizza parlor. the monkey will be kept in quarantine for six months to make sure it doesn't have rabies. no word on why a mon key was hanging out at a pizza parlor. >> thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> hello everyone. good morning. today is wednesday, the 6th of august, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a wife and mother missing for two weeks found dead. this morning the latest details from the investigation. >> meanwhile, remember when our president declared the war in afghanistan over? >> the bottom line is it's time to turn the page after a decade in which so much of our foreign policy was focused on the wars in afghanistan and iraq. >> really? now it looks like the terrorists heard him loud and clearly and attacked the victim, a u.s. army general. what this says about president


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